Of the many wrong barriers that society placed on the world, this one is another one. And that is that only girls can be daring and fashionable. But that is totally untrue. Now that we are in the era of breaking society's rules, let’s talk about men's fashion. We have seen it, but not that much. We have seen their sense of fashion through styling women. Men are actually really good at styling. Even the history of fashion agrees with this. Some of the best designers in the world are male. Even though they make clothes for women, they still managed to keep their sense of style with some details. Even if that is only for special occasions, by putting a colorful scarf in their suit pocket.

Fashion is more than just a superficial look. The way you dress should represent what you feel and who you are. You can’t possibly be that same type of person that wears a T-shirt for a week, nobody is. It is impossible to even feel the same emotions for a week, without them changing, even for a slit second. Sometimes when we don’t feel really good about ourselves, the way that we decide to dress will change that, immediately. So, changing the way that you dress based on how you feel or how you want to feel, should definitely be on your fashion plans. Here are 3 rules, if you want to upgrade your style.

 1. Dress for your body type

Fashion is about feeling good for yourself and it boosts your confidence, even on your lowest days. Whenever a suit is too small or too big, it doesn’t do justice to your body type. For that, you should go to a tailor and make a suit based on your measurements. Or, if you know the size that might do the work as well. Every body type it’s different and all male bodies fit in 5 general categories: rectangle, oval, triangle, inverted triangle, and trapezoid. Once you know your body type, whatever your style is, it should compliment your look. After you know your body type, then colors and shapes come into the scene. Find what you feel most comfortable with. Go for brighter colors, men tend to wear dark color clothes all the time. Challenge yourself to wear pink, yellow, purple, or red.

2. Accessories

Putting thought into details, it’s really important in fashion. If you go for a regular look, then wearing the clothes only, might be IT for you. But if you are interested in being more fashionable, accessories are just for that whether it is some sunglasses, jewelry, scarf, bracelet, socks, or a watch. Whenever you feel, like something is missing in your outfit, always go for accessories. You would look simple and like you haven’t really spent all day thinking about what to wear for your date.

 3. Quality Matters

Not everyone can invest a high value on clothes and you can look fashionable even if you don’t wear expensive ones. But quality doesn’t always mean expensive and stylish. You can wear expensive and quality clothes but still, your outfit doesn’t match. However, it is really important how you invest. For example, it is better to buy one pair of expensive shoes that looks good with everything, than to buy cheaper ones every month. Step up the quality with anything you wear a lot, whether it is an Italian leather belt or a swiss made watch, these are the things that people tend to notice.

Choosing the right type of style, shouldn’t be really hard. Focus on how you feel or how you want to feel, as clothes tend to change your mood. And then, let your hands guide you through your wardrobe. By wearing clothes based on your body type, you will look like you have a personal tailor at home. And investing in quality accessories will definitely level up your game. You can look for inspiration through social media, but remember to always be you when you do that. Keep in mind to be daring, brave, and challenge your style every day. Find the right balance between comfort, individuality, and style.